Flingster (Review & Warning) Must Read

Learn about Flingster.com. They wouldn’t call me jack-off site Jackie if I didn’t really tax the hell out of all the top video chat sites. Today I am discussing what I found out about during my flingster review. Let’s illuminate the masses to the reality of this random webcams sex site and how it works!

Our Flingster.com spills the beans on this ruse.

Flingster Review – What I Experienced Was Scary!

If you are interested in discovering new platforms to participate in adult live streaming and web cam-ing you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help users looking to avoid adult cam sites that risk user’s safety and security.

It’s our intention to help those in search of safe sites for adult live-streaming to find the right platform to explore. We want you to know why sites like Flingster are not adequate for users looking for quality content and protected user experience.

Flingster is a website that allows site visitors to message and video chat, while also giving users the option to do so anonymously. It boasts over 15k active users per week and doesn’t require a verification process before letting users participate. 

That is FUCKNG BULLSHIT how they fail to verify ages better. Think about it. You could accidentally having a dirty video chat with high school girls! CRAZY.  They have to do something about this insecure free adult video chat site. It is also overrun with gay men posing as women.

flingster costs
No flingster is NOT FREE, these are the costs.

Clue #1 is no lady asks to see a mans’ dick in the first 30 seconds in chat.

Flingster is a free platform allowing randomized access to adult live chat sessions through its webpage. All you have to do is select a gender and press “start chatting” to get started. The basic user account is free, but there are charges for additional features and services which require further user data collection. Who in the fuck would pay for such a waste of personal time though we can’t tell you?

Flingster chat offers very little in the way of dirty chat though and this so-called erotic chat cams platform just masquerades to be something that it clearly is not!

Flingster Features A Generic & The Access is Scary

Flingster claims to offer live streaming sex chat for free. That is a LIE!

Flingster’s features are reasonable in range and are moderately varied but provide users with poor security and safety measures. They provide access to content with average quality and also features that allow for personalization to suit some user preferences, but they do not screen for minors or the active accounts on the site.

  • Ability to use AR masks for a more anonymous experience 
  • User-friendly website layout and design 
  • Ability to set gender preferences
  • No age verification check upon entry of the site 
  • The site requires no personal user information to register for a free account 
  • Fake profiles could put users at risk of fraudulent interactions

    dirty webcam
    This dirty webcam site plants cam girls and redirects people to other sites!

The features listed are provided to give users a more clear idea of what the site lacks and what it has to provide, which in Flingster’s case is only randomized, video chat with basic preferences to improve the quality of the experience. There are also little to no specific adherents listed to prevent predatory entities from gaining access to private user information listed in the privacy policy. 

 What I Experienced Using Flingster Chat (Summary & Conclusion) 

To say this site is limited is an epic understatement. Really the only service it can provide is some weak random cams chat and the security measures are non-specific, also users give Flingster permission to accessing their information simply by entering the site. FUCK THAT! 

Let’s be real. Here is the deal this is a click farm chat site that redirects horny men desperate guys to live sex chat sites with webcams. That is all it is. Like 1 in 10,000 men are dumb enough to pay for this stupid experience. Likewise, people only give good reviews of flingster if they are lacking integrity and may have joined the foxrevenue affiliatge program to try to make money off unsuspecting people look for free erotic chat.

Look. Nobody cares enough about dirty video chat sites like flingster to look for alternatives because it’s basically just a trap to sell you worthless and stupid cam chat where you have no clue who you are really talking with on webcam. My pussy didn’t even get damp here and I would rather chat with the voices in my head while watching an adult video free, than waste one more second here.

YES! It is that bad of a dirty webcam site. I say dirty chat though is the sense of scary. You may as well risk your future with some high-risk, low reward omegle adult action than participate in this kind of nonsense. G.M.F.B. boys.

If learning more about Flingster makes you more interested in finding the right adult live streaming site for you, then consider a site that would provide a more protected user experience like Streamate (review at that link).

Streamate is a safer choice for adult live streaming and providing adult content that users can enjoy without fear of putting their information at risk. Seriously though an adult video is a much better use of your time than flingster chat though. This is where my husband used to fuck on cam to pay for our dinner date money, to be perfectly honest. 

dirty video chat
Use only safe dirty video chat site, not this one or pornhub live which is just another shady dirt webcam site.

Streamate’s platform offers endless features that are specifically put in place to safeguard users’ live stream experience like identifying minors using the site and providing a high-quality privacy policy. Because of Streamate’s dedication to its users, you can trust that your account security is a high-quality user and high priority.

In our expert opinions, Streamate is one of the best choices for top-notch content and protected adult live streams for users with an interest in adult webcam-ing.

Anyway, you can try streamate if you are looking for legit sites like Flingster. Their cams are located at streamate.com.

Btw if you have ever asked how much do adult webcam sites cost that guide shows you the prices of all the top xxx cam platforms.

The final word though on this random video chat site is that there is no adult video here at all. Likewise, their free adult video chat just simply does not exist on the flingster.com website. It is literally just like a weak version of omegle adult site with basically the promise of dirty video chat that never delivers shit. And we all know how damn scary omegel chat is.

Btw, our list of the best dirty webcam sites will knock your sock off. Make sure to check that out and leave the disappointment of flingster.com behind.

To be perfectly blunt the next time you see someone offering free sex cams ask yourself why would women be showing their pretty little pussy on cam when they can get paid for that shit. Sorry, not sorry.

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