usasexguide review

USASexGuide Review

Lots of people are talking about USASexGuide so we decided to review it and share whether it is safe and accurate with an honest review. My usa sex guide experience is as follows…

Casual relationships and hookup culture have taken the world by storm in the past two decades. What’s more, this has basically swiped the existence of real dating. With the extensive growth of hookup culture, sites like USASexGuide tried to take control over.

I know there are times when you are super horny and have the urge of taking home a stranger from the bar or flirting with a chick at the erotic massage parlor. 

To aggravate our already frustrating sex life, sites like USASexGuide paint a picture that is too good to be true. This sex travel site promotes itself as the best to find local hookers and swingers.

Read our complete review on USA Sex Guide, we have covered everything it has to offer. It has claimed that it is the Internet’s largest sex travel website.

However, it would be wrong to say that it has succeeded in doing so, and indeed, my experience was hella disappointing. With the hundreds of adult dating sites and sex cam sites, one may have the very least chance of turning towards this US sex guide site. 

USASexGuide Exposed

If you’re planning for a paid erotic encounter, then the USA sex guide has enough tricks up in its sleeve. Although I am not sure if you’ll be able to find one fuckable lady or not in spite of paying higher amounts.

Sure, you might get information on hookups but not on getting laid. No matter which site or forum you are using, always be cautious of scammers and fraudsters. To be honest, you may have to encounter such people more on this website than any other.

In today’s world, a lot of singles are turning towards adult dating sites and sex cam sites. It’s no surprise that people prefer those as it is legal and everything will be done in their own consent.

Dive deep into the features of USASexGuide

Don’t you think the website design of US Sex guide is old fashioned? Well, we feel it. It’s very basic and draws no interest to stay on it for longer. The features are also extremely limited to regular users.

Another annoying thing about the site is its adverts. You can see that the entire site is filled with paid advertisements, which is a cheap technique to make a fool out of users.

USASexGuide Discussion Boards:

The discussion board of this site brings together the individual users who are willing to travel for sex. Hundreds of discussion boards are segregated on the basis of the state, city, and special interests.

The whole purpose of this board is to make you chat with local prostitutes and hookers. Users from Virginia, Massachusetts, Ohio are active in large numbers.

us sex guide discussion board
The discussion board preview of USA Sex Guide

To get access to any of the discussion boards or chat forums, the user must be logged in. There again, the unwanted advertisement banners will drain your mood.

The craigslist reviews are featured on these boards as well. Most of the messages on the boards are promotional ones. Sorry to say this, if you’re looking for a hot woman to get laid, you’ll not find it here as rarely any real woman joins the discussion. 

To be honest, almost all of the users are men and discussions would be on their sexual fantasies, pleasures, and doubts, which will definitely turn you off, unless you are a homo.

USA Sex Guide can’t be your pick if either you’re looking for some casual sex or looking to have naughty conversations with a hottie.

USA Sex Guide Photo Gallery

The only positive trait in the whole website is the Photo Gallery section. Most of all you will get to see images of some hot (not so real) women along with some promotional ones.

You can filter by date, forum, and region. The escorts shown on the site are here to make only money and no one really wants you to know about them. 

usasexguide photo gallery
Usasexguide photo gallery preview

Let me share with you my personal experience of picking up (or tried to pick up) an escort I came across a couple of years ago from one of these sites. There was this sex working girl who is of nearly my age in Ohio, we seemed to have quite an intriguing conversation. 

We chatted about the things we wanted from each other and said she could be open to something casual and not keeping it in longer terms.

So we decided to meet up in a famous bar in Little Rock and I was so juiced for my first sexual encounter with a hooker. I reserved a table and made a payment before the meeting.

I waited for 3 fucking hours and there was no sign of her. When I tried calling her, needless to say, I couldn’t reach her over the phone. It was unexpected and it took me a while to realize the blunder I have made. 

Honestly, this incident enlightened me to a great extent that I never was involved in any illegal activities so far and playing it safe. I know, it’s hard to be single and to restrain from sexual feelings.

Instead of reaching out to erotic massage parlors, strip clubs for escorts, try experiencing sex cam to cam sites by reading the sex cam reviews

Sex cam sites to quench your thirst

Chaturbate model
Sexy Chaturbate model geared up for an erotic nude show

As said, the fun and safest way to experience sexual pleasure is through sex cam sites. Sites like are offering cam to cam nude chat experience to users with thousands of sexy models across the globe. 

Don’t forget to read the Streamate reviews that cover the entire features and prices for the live cam shows.

Last but not the least, a former Miami University professor put behind the bars for using USASexGuide to have intercourse with a minor. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Be choosy and pick the teen sex cam sites that never allow anything illegal. 

Play safe!

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